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CannaClinix offers a great online assessment to people looking to consume marijuana legally, It is also a great opportunity for those seeking to try an alternative approach to treating their medical conditions rather than with traditional medication or therapies. The benefits of marijuana have been well-documented, and it is now available to more people than ever before through state-legalized medical marijuana programs.

The benefits of Medical Marijuana for Veterans

According to studies, medical marijuana is most commonly used to alleviate chronic pain. In most cases, the usage of cannabis is not helpful for the severe pain that comes from shattered bones, lacerations, or any other form of physical discomfort. In contrast, medical marijuana has shown promising results in treating persistent discomfort, and this is helpful for those suffering from chronic pain that limits their daily activities.

Marijuana has no addictive properties and cannot cause an overdose. It is much less likely to cause damage to people’s bodies or to have side effects that reduce the quality of life for those who live with chronic pain every day. Though Marijuana may be recommended by a medical provider for, smoking marijuana is still usually not the recommended means for use. By having a medical card this allows patients the opportunity to purchase edibles, vapes, creams and other THC infused products to treat their medical conditions in a safer way instead of smoking.

Beneficial effects of marijuana include relief from nerve pain caused by conditions like Multiple Sclerosis. In contrast to many alternative and comparable medicines, which are considerably more likely to be available as sedatives, marijuana is significantly more successful in reducing pain while allowing the user to function at their mental and physical best.

People with hypertension or tremors will benefit greatly from the release marijuana creates in the body. Marijuana can be quite helpful for those dealing with PTSD daily, although its effects and advantages typically take 1-2 hours to take effect when it is ingested.

As a whole, there are numerous upsides to treating medical conditions with cannabis and its byproducts. While there is still much to learn about medical marijuana, it is generally accepted as a safer, less risky alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals. It’s useful for a wide range of physical and mental disorders. Let our certified medical provider assist you, book an appointment for an evaluation today.

Can you Discuss Medical Marijuana Case with a VA Doctor?

CannaClinix has a medical marijuana program that allows doctors and pharmacists to discuss the benefits of marijuana with their Veteran patients. If a Veteran expresses interest in using medical marijuana, VA staff members will address the potential effects of doing so on the Veteran’s condition, clinical care, and treatment options. The provider notes the Veteran’s decision to use medical marijuana in the Veteran’s medical and health records and modifies care accordingly.

CannaClinix – VA-approved Medical Clinic

Every session at CannaClinix is conducted via the internet utilizing a respected telehealth service. It is one of the many convenient aspects of the clinic. Patients can connect straight from their mobile device, tablet, or computer for a private video consultation with one of our medical providers. These consultations often run between fifteen and thirty minutes. Patients will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their circumstances regarding the many therapeutic options that involve the use of marijuana.

There are a wide variety of possible applications for cannabis in the realm of medicine. Each year, additional research is carried out to see how effective it may be to treat various ailments using just natural means.

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