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Medical Marijuana Evaluations For Ppl Age 21+

At CannaClinix, we offer Medical Marijuana Evaluations for people aged 21 and up. The process is straightforward – just make an appointment. During your appointment, we will evaluate your medical history and current condition to determine whether or not Medical Marijuana is right for you.

If we think it could be helpful, we will provide you with a Medical Marijuana certification that you can take to your local dispensary. With this certification, you can purchase Medical Marijuana legally and safely.

Whether you are suffering from pain, anxiety, or another chronic and debilitating condition, we hope that you will give us a call and see if Medical Marijuana can help you find relief.

Available Services

Initial Certification

Select from this section if you have never been registered for a Medical card before

Group 109

Initial Certification with Medical Documentation of qualifying condition

$ 125

Group 105

initial certification without medical documentation

$ 150

Group 64


Select from this section if you have never been registered for a Medical card before

Repeat Grid 2

Renewal - Current patient

This is for patients who have initially certified with CannaClinix and need their yearly renewal

$ 75

Group 107

Renewals - Not a current patient

This service is for patients with a current certification but are new to CannaClinix

$ 100

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Your Virginia’s driver license or a state-issued ID, prior medical records and/or imaging study results if available.

This is a hot topic currently for debate on a state by state basis. Currently in Virginia, medical marijuana is legal.

Group 71

No. We do NOT and can NOT prescribe marijuana for medical or recreational use. We can only recommend the use of marijuana for certifying medical conditions.

It is ALWAYS advised to check with your employer prior to obtaining your medical marijuana card.

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